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Ansell Ltd. October 23, 2017

Ansell's First Capital Markets Day

Following up on today's global Town Hall presentation, learn more here about Ansell's successful first Capital Markets Day.

On October 23, 2017 Ansell hosted its first Capital Markets Day (CMD) at the Langham Hotel in Sydney, Australia. The forum provided attendees with greater appreciation of Ansell business fundamentals, strategic direction and growth plans.  

Five display environments highlighting Ansell's differentiated portfolio offerings, technologies and Ansell Guardian® selling solution were featured. The event included a supplemental tour of Ansell's Sri Lanka facility showcased as our largest global R&D and Manufacturing center with glove production for both Industrial and Healthcare GBUs, and home to Industrial GBU Innovation Center and Ansell Engineering facilities.

Each of Ansell's 13 ELT members presented at the Sydney event, which was attended by ~95 participants including members of Ansell's Board of Directors, ~60 external stakeholders and other key Ansell leaders. To connect with key stakeholders in Europe and Americas, a smaller Ansell team subsequently presented a condensed Capital Markets Day event in London and Toronto during November 2017. 

Why Invest in Ansell?

Ansell's CMD provided a unique opportunity for the investor community to gain a first-hand view to our management team, product technologies, innovative advancements and growth potential. 

In his opening remarks, Magnus Nicolin, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the many ways in which Ansell is driving shareholder value creation within our $15bn industry. Speakers at Ansell's CMD engaged their audience, explaining the Company's priorities to drive value and building confidence among the investment community. 

The CMD event content was sequenced as follows. Click below to view the individual presentations:

  • Magnus Nicolin covered Ansell's overall strategies, goals and accomplishments.   
  • Neil Salmon reviewed Ansell's financial targets inclusive of historical performance
  • Chrystelle Fontan underscored Ansell's role navigating a complex, fragmented regulatory ecosystem 
  • Joe Kubicek and Steve Genzer put forward greater insights into their respective Ansell GBU's proposition, market position, competitive advantage, growth prospects and strategic goals.
  • Mark Nichols and Rikard Froberg articulated Ansell's Go To Market approach and customer-centric growth opportunities
  • Darryl Nazareth provided impactful insights into Ansell's technological advancements both in operations and in its product offerings
  • Francois le Jeune delivered an overview of the various Transformation Programs complemented by Peter Dobbelsteijn and Giri Peddinti who highlighted the impact of Global Supply Chain and Information Technology as growth enablers
  • Neil Salmon presented financial growth targets and rationale centered on key elements to drive shareholder value creation
  • Debbie Lynch highlighted strong passion for Ansell employees, diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • In closing, Magnus highlighted Ansell's strategic model emphasizing why Invest in Ansell and future goals


Per surveys conducted and feedback solicited, Ansell's Capital Market Day events were very well received with favorable input provided. The market has since re-rated the Company with more positive reviews by analysts and a higher share price. 

Ansell CMD Acknowledged by the Australian Investor Relations Association

This first-time event was acknowledged by the Australian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) as runner-up in its 2017 Best Practice Awards Category for Best Investor Day by an Australian Company, succeeding Wesfarmers Limited, one of the largest and most diverse companies trading on the Australian Stock Exchange.  

Winners in each AIRA category are determined based on voting from domestic and international equities and portfolio managers. So, in its first time out of the gate, Ansell's CMD had proven impact among this important audience.

Criteria for the AIRA recognition include:

  • Access to senior management
  • Disclosure and transparency
  • Quality of information
  • Accessibility and usability of information
  • Event execution
  • Honesty

The Capital Markets Day events were further supplemented by investor roadshows in Europe (Edinburgh, Scotland and London, UK) and North America (New York, Boston and Chicago). Ansell envisions holding a Capital Markets Day event every two years. 

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