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Ansell’s priority is to protect people who work in a controlled or critical environment, and the products you produce or the research you’re conducting. Whether you are working with hazardous chemicals while compounding vital drugs and vaccines or handling hazardous chemicals during semiconductor/micro-electronic manufacturing, facing biological hazards in biomanufacturing, or assembling medical devices that must be absolutely contamination-free, our range of personal-protective equipment ensures you, your products and your research stay protected.



Find and download a Certificate of Irradiation (CoI) or Certificate of Processing (CoP) for a sterile BioClean product, or a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) or Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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If you’re looking for a quality certificate for another Ansell branded product other than BioClean or Microflex you can find them here.

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In this brand-new catalogue we proudly present our full portfolio of Life Sciences product & PPE protection solutions for hand, arm, body and eye.


Tools and Regulations

EN ISO 374

Understand the changes and frequently asked questions about the new EN ISO 374 standard.


Video gallery

BioClean™ Drop-Down Garment Comparison Video

See how the Drop-down garment eliminates cross-contamination when donning compared to a standard coverall.

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