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Thinking of people and planet first

As a manufacturing company operating internationally, we have spent much of the last decade innovating, sharply improving our sustainable practices and environmental and social governance. By embedding related objectives into our business, and implementing fairer labor standards across our global operations, we have proven that corporate sustainability can help foster growth, not impede it.

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Image of Microflex® 31-103, Ansell's first compostable glove, an eco-friendly glove for hand hygiene with a reduced environmental impact.


  1. MICROFLEX® 31-103 is Ansell's first compostable glove, achieving 90+% biodegradation within 180 days in industrial composting facilities.
  2. No water is used during manufacturing. The gloves are cut and sealed using 100% green electricity.
  3. MICROFLEX® 31-103 gloves are accelerator free, allergen free, and powder-free and are made to be free from phthalates, BPA, chlorine, plasticisers, ethylene and dichloride for food safety.
  4. Made from eco-friendly material blend. The blend also provides glove strength and flexibility, achieving EN ISO 374-1 Type C and EN ISO 374 Virus certifications.

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