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Since 1996, Ringers® Gloves has lead the innovation of the safety work glove and is solely focused on creating the industry's most advanced hand safety solutions. Ringers® Gloves are Best-In-Class rated in terms of impact and dexterity. Our gloves are designed for consumers of specific hand safety equipment and engineered with proprietary materials to meet fit, form and function criteria for both niche applications and multipurpose worksites. Our goal is to provide hand safety solutions resulting in fewer reportable hand injuries while also reducing costs.

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Ringers gloves protect workers while materials handling, using tools, operating heavy equipment, and more. Developed with proprietary F3 Technology™, our gloves meet industry requirements for cut and impact protection plus deliver high tactile feel and comfort for all-day wear.

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Oil and Gas

Hazards in the oil and gas industry include working with heavy equipment, pipes, chains, and tools that are often slippery from oil, increasing the risk of slips or drops. The hands of its workforce are exposed to crush, puncture, cut, and chemical irritation. Ringers Gloves set the standard for safety gloves in the oilfield, providing maximum protection, dexterity, comfort, and durability. All our gloves are developed with F3 Technology™, so oilfield workers never have to choose between fit, form, or function.

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Built For Impact - ANSI/ISEA 138

Ringers Gloves, a part of Ansell Limited, presents a tutorial on how the new ANSI/ISEA 138 standard helps you choose the best impact-resistant gloves for your workers' safety.

F3 Technology™

Ringers Gloves develops each glove with our proprietary F3 Technology, providing the best fit, form, and function.

Super Hero Gloves

Ringers' Super Hero series includes medium-duty gloves rated best in class for dexterity plus impact protection.

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