Industrial protection

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Mechanical Protection

Ansell’s mechanical division manufactures and markets high-performance, multi-use protection solutions specific for hand and arm protection, for a wide range of Industrial applications.
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Chemical Protection

When working in chemical environments, worrying about whether workers are protected is not an option. Feel equipped with Ansell's comprehensive portfolio of chemical hand and body protection solutions.
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Disposable Protection

Designed with advanced material formulations and proprietary technologies, Ansell disposable gloves offer unique benefits like superior dexterity and grip, enhanced chemical resistance, and improved hand health.
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Personalized safety assessment lead to injury reduction, reduced costs to protect, increased compliance and PPE complexity reduction.
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Protection Solutions Guide

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Want to make sure that you are using the right glove for your daily tasks? Say no more. Visit the Ansell product advisors on one of our premium partner’s web shop and choose the right safety glove in just a few clicks.
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We offer the widest range of best-in-class multi-hazard protection solutions. Workers can now take advantage of increased confidence and Feel EQUIPPED™.
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Almost 20% of all workplace injuries involve cuts and lacerations to the hand and fingers. Most of these could have been prevented with the right protection. #madewithHyFlex
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We offer protection solutions that are ergonomically designed for #MomentsWorthProtecting to help reduce risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
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Safety Briefing

September 18, 2020 Food processing and services

Most instances of cross-contamination are preventable

Cross-contamination risk is a major concern in the food supply chain. The transfer of potentially deadly bacteria, viruses or other toxic substances from contaminated foodstuffs or surfaces can have catastrophic outcomes, so minimizing the likelihood through adherence to solid food safety practices is essential.
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