Using Ansell’s glove size finder gives you a better glove fit for better protection

How to use the glove size finder application?


Finding the right glove size matters.

Whether you’re dealing with resistance to cuts, abrasions, impact, chemical exposure, or other hazards, the right glove with the perfect fit keeps you and your workers safe. Wearing the correct glove size ensures optimal levels of comfort and tactility as well as improved productivity.

As part of Ansell’s sustainability mission, we’re going paperless. Instead of measuring your hand using a cloth tape and a paper to find the right size, we’ve upgraded our glove sizing chart to a digital one. Our new Glove Size Finder application measures your hand to match you with the right size, no matter the type of glove by Ansell. Measure anytime, anywhere and purchase instantly with confidence once you know your glove size.

Here’s how our Glove Size Finder application works:

  1. Access the app by clicking or scanning the QR Code below

  2. Follow the simple instructions on-screen

  3. Get your glove size instantly

*We recommend trying this size for the best fit. Based on the shape of your hand and the quality of the scan, your actual glove size may vary. Please follow the instructions closely.

Start measuring now with the types of gloves you choose. Click or scan any of the QR code below to start!

How else can Ansell help?

Protecting yourself with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) does not only provide you safety but also factors when it comes to productivity at work. Ansell offers a large selection of versatile PPE that caters to multiple industries. Find the right fit for your safety with Ansell.

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