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Ansell Ltd. March 31, 2023

Ansell honored with Medical Product Innovation Award for skin-friendly PI-KARE™ Technology

Singapore - Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, has won the Medical Product Innovation Award - Malaysia at the Healthcare Asia Medtech Awards 2023 for its PI-KARETM Technology. With a legacy of 130 years, Ansell is the No. 1 surgical glove of choice of O.R. staff around the world*.

Ansell’s innovative skin-friendly, non-sensitizing PI-KARETM Technology is a game-changer in the healthcare industry, offering healthcare workers a safer and more comfortable option when performing surgical procedures. Due to the prevalence of latex allergies, risk minimisation strategies and a more efficient O.R. management, hospitals around the world have shifted or are planning to transition to synthetic gloves like polyisoprene (PI).

However, both natural and synthetic gloves are still using chemical accelerators that can cause Type IV chemical allergies. Use of these gloves have led to a significant number of skin-related reactions amongst healthcare workers, with chemical accelerators being the primary culprit. Studies show that over 49% of healthcare workers with occupational skin-related reactions have Type IV chemical allergies, out of which 82% of these allergic reactions are caused by chemical accelerators.

Ansell’s PI-KARETM Technology eliminates all chemical accelerators known to cause Type IV chemical allergies and sensitivities and uses only biologically safer chemical accelerators that are either completely consumed during manufacturing or remain within the glove film to allow better skin tolerance. “At Ansell, we take advanced steps to protect healthcare workers around the world by delivering innovative glove solutions that solve challenges healthcare workers face in the O.R.,” states Monica Sagardoy, Senior Global Marketing Director, Surgical Gloves & Life Sciences Business Unit. “PI-KARETM is just one of our many surgical glove technologies that showcase the focus on quality and safety that our customers have come to know and trust.”

With the conception of PI-KARETM Technology comes the world’s first full range of skin-friendly and non-sensitizing PI gloves – inclusive of a standard PI, Textured, Ortho, Micro, Underglove and Glove-In-GloveTM System – that are US FDA-510(k) as well as dual CE Medical Device and PPE certified. Ansell's high-quality products are trusted by professionals in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemicals, food, and construction.

*Based on largest volume of surgical gloves sold globally. Data on file.

Ansell honored with Medical Product Innovation Award for skin-friendly Pi-KARE TM Technology

Caption: ANSELL team receiving the Medical Product Innovation Award for PI-KARETM Technology at the award ceremony.


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