A variety of opportunities to develop your career

Ansell University

Ansell University

Ansell University is our global resource for our coworkers' learning needs. We offer programs that cover a wide range of technical and leadership skills, from short videos and presentations to certification programs.


Leadership Programs

We offer exciting opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills, including online training, our flagship leadership programs, and a 360-degree feedback tool based on our seven leadership competencies.

New Hire Onboarding

New Hire Onboarding

Our global onboarding program ensures the smooth and successful integration of new members of the Ansell team.


Mentoring and Coaching

Many of Ansell's leaders and all members of the executive leadership team serve as mentors to our coworkers. In some cases, we engage professional executive coaches to further support coworkers' development.


Development and Performance

Our development and performance process focuses on developing coworkers through frequent coaching and multi-faceted feedback to drive high performance.

On the Job

On the Job

Most development occurs on the job at Ansell. With this in mind, we structure opportunities to facilitate employee growth, such as job rotation, job switches and special project assignments.

Career Development

Career Development

Coworkers have a clear view of all of our global opportunities and access to simple and practical competency-models to enable longer term career planning.


Wellness and Mindfulness

Ansell provides physical and mindfulness training to help employees sustain healthy, productive minds and bodies.

Diversity and inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion

At Ansell, Diversity and Inclusion go hand in hand. Diversity focuses our attention on the richness our coworkers bring to the workplace. This Diversity is enabled by creating an Inclusive environment where all coworkers feel welcome, safe and valued.

Quick facts

75 Women mentees

FY17's Women's Mentoring Program attracted 75 female managers seeking mentorship, and 75 mentors, for a year-long mentoring relationship.

16 % Increase in women leaders

Over the past 20 months, the number of women at manager level and above increased by 16%.

Amanda Manzoni

Ansell is a truly global company, and wherever we operate, and across every part of our business, we seek to create an inclusive environment which embraces and celebrates difference and fosters inclusion. We believe that valuing diversity and being inclusive is a competitive differentiator that will enable us to deliver competitive business advantage to our customers, our workforce, those that we work with, and our shareholders.

Diversity and Inclusion

Executive Commitment

In FY16, the board of directors and executive leadership team established goals to create greater gender equality in the Ansell workforce, especially within the leadership ranks, triggering several initiatives that are delivering on their goal.

Women Leadership Forum

Women's Leadership Forum

The Women’s Leadership Forum focuses on developing and retaining women through networking, targeted training, mentoring and celebrating events such as International Women's Day.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias Training

All employees participate in unconscious bias training to help them recognize innate biases, take steps to mitigate these biases, and learn how to make objective, fact-based decisions.

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