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Ansell Ltd. April 21, 2022

Ansell Selects ONELAND for Australian Indigenous Program Sponsorship

April 21, 2022, Melbourne, Australia – In 2021, Ansell launched an Australian Indigenous Program to provide financial support to established programs that improve the lives of Australia’s First Nations People and align with Ansell’s values. For this initiative, Ansell partnered with Kristina McKinlay, a Kamilaroi and Ngarrabul artist, who developed unique and beautiful packaging artwork for a limited edition of Ansell’s HyFlex® 11-840, HyFlex® 11-528 and HyFlex® 11-561 gloves.

Kristina’s artwork is inspired by the three most essential elements of life for Australia’s First People – land, sky, and water. All three elements were crucial to guiding and supporting Australia’s First Nations People in surviving the vast environments across Australia for thousands of years.

In the development of this initiative, Ansell decided that a percentage of revenue from the annual sales of these HyFlex® products, in addition to a corporate donation of AUD $25,000, would be designated annually to support an existing program that best aligns to:

For sponsorship under the Australian Indigenous Program, Ansell received various applications and assessed each in their effort to contribute to:

1) Improve the quality of life for Indigenous Peoples through voluntary social investment and promoting Indigenous culture.
2) Support the economic empowerment of Indigenous Peoples by providing opportunities for training, employment and Indigenous enterprise support.

After receiving numerous applications, Ansell is pleased to announce that ONELAND has been selected as the recipient of funding for the first two years of this program. ONELAND promotes reconciliation, Indigenous social justice and humanitarian objectives through sports, education and the arts.

The range of activities and undertakings to achieve its goals was a primary consideration of the Ansell selection team in choosing to partner with ONELAND. Ansell is confident that this partnership and financial contribution will further ONELAND’s passion of bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities together.


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