Safety Considerations for Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment is a dynamic industry with strong ties to major economic sectors such as raw materials and finished goods and services. According to the U.S. National Safety Council, manufacturing and production are among the top 3 occupations with the largest number of disabling injuries. With strict compliance to safety protocols and the use of appropriate PPE to protect against these preventable injuries, we can encourage safer habits that create a safer workplace for all workers.

At Ansell, we are committed to protecting all machinery & equipment workers. We go beyond regulatory compliance to ensure our product portfolio fully protects against the specific hazards these workers face.

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Operating machinery & equipment can be linked to various mechanical hazards and they could cause injuries such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, and other injuries like cuts, stabbing or punctures, abrasions, or musculoskeletal diseases. These injuries may be caused by moving machine parts, dangerous materials, and emissions such as steam and water could inflict burns or scalds. Working with energized parts may cause electrical shock and burns. Metal fabrication including welding, cutting, and brazing are exceptionally dangerous as these work processes create sparks, fumes, radiation, and other hazards.

Machine operators, metal fabrication workers, and welders exposed to industry-related hazards deserve appropriate protective solutions that help them stay safe and productive while delivering comfort and performance. Together, we can create a safer workplace by adopting safer habits.

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