Image of a worker wearing a glove sensor that helps workers with ergonomic improvements


Enable your teams to identify and control hand & wrist risks before they become injuries with Inteliforz™ Motion.

What is Motion?

Image of a hand that shows Ansell's safety technology is able to give real-time safety analytics to further prevent ergonomic injuries

The Motion platform makes measuring and managing ergonomic risks easier than ever.

The solution combines a wearable pod, a type of glove sensor, that captures raw movement data, an AI model that transforms this raw data into useful insights, and a software platform that presents these insights automatically.

Insights such as strain index risk, worker activity levels, and wrist movements help identify the most at-risk departments, activities, and employees.

In Australia, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) are a serious health and safety issue. From 2009 to 2014, 60 percent of serious workers’ compensation claims were for WMSDs.1

The wearable pod can also deliver real-time personal haptic coaching to reduce workers' risk exposure. Combined with our industry experts, the Motion program gives you the data and support to make meaningful ergonomic improvements.

Why Motion?

Data You Can Trust

Motion provides consistent, high-quality data that delivers ergonomic risk assessment insights that you can rely on.

Increase Productivity

Ergonomists and safety leaders can reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, enabling more assessments to be completed and capturing a broader view of on-site risks.

Behavioral Coaching

Motion pods can deliver haptic coaching buzzes to workers' hands during the day, reminding them of specific behaviors or actions to follow in order to decrease the risk of injury.

Reduce Workplace Risks

Motion provides insights on a departmental and individual level to help you make better, data-backed decisions to prevent MSDs. Our customer success model can further breakdown your data so you feel empowered to make positive changes.

Software that is intuitive and easy to use

Easily view and proactively manage employee wrist movement data and Strain Index over time, lowering the occurrence of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in the wrist for your workforce.

Hardware That's Not Hard To Wear

Image of the Motion Pod, a glove sensor that tracks hand movements through safety analytics to prevent ergonomic injuries

Motion Pod

Image of the 16-pod charger that charges the glove sensor that is part of Ansell smart glove technology

Charging Dock (16 units)

Image of the 100-pod charger that charges the glove sensor that is part of Ansell smart glove technology

Charging Dock (100 units)

Image of the hand wrap that holds the glove sensor to reduce safety risk in the workplace

Hand Wrap

Motion Is For Everyone

Image of a group of ergonomists being briefed on safety hazards at work and how safety technology can reduce injuries


Motion is a tool that assists in aggregating worker risky movements over time, identifying techniques and underlying tasks most likely to cause RSI.

Motion enables you to conduct more detailed hand & wrist assessments - more efficiently.

Image of workers looking at safety analytics data that could help them prevent ergonomic injuries through reliable safety technology

Safety Managers

Motion empowers safety managers to proactively lower risk of workforce injury through workforce monitoring and early intervention.

Motion also enables safety teams to monitor and update Standard Operating Procedures and Policies at their site so that workers are set up for success.

Image of a worker wearing a glove sensor that helps workers with ergonomic improvements


Motion empowers workers to proactively monitor their hand and wrist health, helping to correct risky behaviors and prevent injuries before they happen.


Motion packages workplace risk assessments into actionable insights to help insurers gain a deeper understanding of each worker’s risk profile for hand and wrist injuries.

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