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Electrical equipment and components are known to place workers at risk of shock or electrocution. Even at low voltages, it is still possible for accidents and injuries to occur. That is why, our rubber-insulating and leather gloves are considered essential to improving your workplace safety.

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ActivArmr® Electrical Safety Solutions

Class 00 rubber-insulating gloves offer suitable hand protection against electrical discharge up to 500V ac | 750V dc, while Class 0 remain effective against voltage up to 1,000V ac | 1,500V dc. Speak to us about our extensive range of low-voltage electrical safety gloves, with varying specifications in terms of special features, comfort levels, dimensions, ergonomics, and more. We also offer rubber insulating gloves and leather protectors to suit all needs.

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Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 rubber-insulating gloves ensure suitable hand protection against electrical discharge ranging from 1,000V ac | 1,500V dc to 36,000V ac | 54,000V dc. Discover our broad range of rubber-insulating gloves designed to withstand high-voltage electrical shocks, and experience its varying dimensions, special features, comfort levels, ergonomics, and more. You are sure to find the right rubber-insulating electrical safety gloves to match your own unique requirements.

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To ensure workplace safety while preserving its integrity, rubber-insulating gloves must be worn in combination with appropriate leather protectors. These are essential for extending rubber-insulating gloves’ wear life. They also offer users heightened dexterity, as well as advanced cut, puncture and abrasion resistance. As a complement, we recommend using our cotton storage bag to help safeguard your electrical safety gloves’ integrity and further secure a longer wear life.

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Rubber-insulating gloves and leather protectors are essential PPE components for tasks that involve electrical risks. Discover how you can optimize your protection for a safer day at work.

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Electrical Gloves FAQs

Rubber-insulating gloves are the preferred choice of gloves for electrical work of all kinds, as they are generally designed to protect against electrical hazards. Workers should always be properly equipped with the right combination of rubber-insulating gloves and leather protectors because it only takes exposure to electricity greater than 500 volts to cause serious damage to the human body and organs. To eliminate workplace injuries or fatalities, it is important to understand the adverse side effects of electrical exposure prior to performing any electrical work.
When working with electricity, it’s considered standard practice to first perform lockout-tagout procedures to prevent unexpected energization, as this is the greatest form of control against electrical hazards. Whether you engage in electric work on a construction site, as a utility worker, or even in your home improvement projects, there are many kinds of glove systems and combinations to consider. At Ansell, we generally recommend wearing leather protector gloves over rubber-insulating gloves, especially when protection from cuts, punctures, abrasion, and other kinds of external damage is necessary.
In any situation where the nature of electrical hazards may vary, workers should wear gloves that are rated for both arc flash and flame resistance. The automotive industry, for example, has become more complex over the years and now involves more parts and electrical components than ever before. Since 2017, the electric vehicle (EV) market has seen tremendous growth, with EVs becoming a more viable option for new car buyers. For manufacturing workers, this has led to an increased need for protection from electric shock, arc flash, and other heat-related workplace injuries. To meet these modern specifications, Ansell offers a unique range of electrical safety gloves that are stringently tested in accordance with NFPA 70E Arc Flash requirements to deliver additional heat resistance and protection against hazards such as electrocution and electrical burns.

Choosing the right electric gloves may seem daunting at first, but it is much easier than it seems. Firstly, it is important to determine the maximum voltage that you may be exposed to, then choose a class of glove rated at or above that voltage.


Low Voltage:
Class 00 and 0

  • Class 00: Maximum Voltage Use AC DC: 500V ac | 750V dc
  • Class 0: Maximum Voltage Use AC DC: 1,000V ac | 1,500V dc

Available in yellow, red and black, with a choice of classes and lengths.


High Voltage:
Class 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Class 1: Maximum Voltage Use AC DC: 7,500V ac | 11,250V dc
  • Class 2: Maximum Voltage Use AC DC:17,000V ac | 25,500V dc
  • Class 3: Maximum Voltage Use AC DC: 26,500V ac | 39,750V dc
  • Class 4: Maximum Voltage Use AC DC:36,000V ac | 54,000V dc

*Available in yellow, red and black, with a choice of classes and lengths.

Ansell electrical insulating gloves are made from natural rubber latex and feature a proprietary, environmentally friendly dipping process that delivers superior flexibility and excellent grip performance. Our manufacturing facility adheres to two global accreditation standards, the EN6093 for Europe, and ASTM D120 for America, ensuring the worker has the safest glove for the job. Ansell electrical insulating gloves provide high-quality personal protection and performance in challenging environments where protection against electricity is of utmost importance.

ActivArmr RIG CI3 Application

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