VIKING™ Desco Yoke

Helmet yoke for VIKING™ dry diving suits.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with the Deepsea B2 helmet: For optimized safety
  • Hard-wearing rubber construction: Superb abrasion resistance
  • Demand suit configuration: Ensures control of breathing gas


  • Added protection: The VIKING™ Deepsea B2 Yoke is designed to be compatible with the Deepsea B2 helmet, providing added protection and optimized safety features
  • Improved durability: The hard-wearing rubber construction of this product makes it exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear, withstanding harsh conditions while continuing to perform effectively over an extended period
  • Enhanced features: The demand suit configuration of this product provides enhanced features, allowing for greater control of breathing gas based on their specific needs, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively in harsh environments

Product details

  • MATERIAL Rubber coated fabric
  • COLOR Black

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