VIKING™ Semi Dry Hood

Separate neoprene hood, providing thermal protection.

Key Features and Benefits

  • For separate use i.e. choose if to wear the suit with or without the hood
  • Made from double lined neoprene & with Smoothskin face seal
  • Option with or without VIKING™ logotype
  • Available in 4 sizes


VIKING™ Semi Dry Hood is a separate hood i.e. a suit can be used with or without the hood. 

Available with or without VIKING™ logotype.

Made from 5 mm double lined neoprene material with a
4 mm Smoothskin face seal for a nice fit and tight seal with a full face mask.

Stitched & double glued seams.

Available in 4 sizes and it also has Velcro adjustable neck area for comfort and ease of donning & doffing.

Product details

  • MATERIAL Neoprene
  • THICKNESS 5 mm / 4 mm
  • COLOR Black
  • SIZES S, M, L, XL
  • IMPORTANT This hood is not regarded as being water-tight

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