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Ansell Ltd. December 14, 2022

Ansell Celebrates 10 years of Chemical Protective Clothing

14 December 2022 – Brussels. It has been 10 years since Ansell acquired Swedish-based business, Trelleborg Protective Products—thus making Ansell the home of major personal protective brands TRELLCHEM® and VIKINGTM.

Best-In-Class Body Protection

TRELLCHEM® has been a well-established brand in the Gas Tight Protective Clothing market since the 1980s, earning the trust of every wearer in Industrial, Military and Emergency applications. In 2015, Ansell also acquired the UK-based Microgard® Ltd business—a specialist in protective clothing, and together with the Ansell chemical protective glove range, a world-class portfolio of Chemical Protective Solutions was launched.

A Modern Brand for a Modern Era

The Ansell acquisitions warranted an innovative branding, and in 2017, the AlphaTec® brand became the new home of Ansell Chemical Protective solutions—incorporating previous brands from Microgard® and TRELLCHEM®. By embracing the market-leading technologies and solutions available to Ansell, and developing new and improved innovations, the AlphaTec® portfolio provides a complete range of multi-hazard protection, taking wearers far beyond just chemical safety. As a result, AlphaTec® products have protected thousands of wearers across the world, with the highest levels of protection, comfort, and confidence to complete tasks safely despite the various risks and hazards they face.

Keeping Divers Safe in Hazardous Environments

Alongside our chemical protective solutions, VIKINGTM is the Ansell solution that keeps marine workers and divers safe in highly dangerous water conditions—offering the highest quality Dry Suits to combat the dangers of contaminated water diving. Over the past 30 years, our suits have been used in many water emergencies—protecting responders in the Costa Concordia cruise ship capsize in Italy, the restoration and clean-up of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Japan, and the emergency rescue of passengers and crew aboard the US Airways flight 1549 that made an emergency landing on New York's Hudson River, amongst others.

New Horizons Ahead

The AlphaTec® brand trades proudly with the knowledge and expertise gained from its rich history of acquired safety solutions but looking forward is what we do best. This year has already seen the North American launch of the new BSL-4 ventilated suit for use in the highest graded Bio Safety Labs on Earth. Continuously seeking to improve, our global R&D and product management teams progressively develop innovative protective hand and body protective solutions to offer improved safety and better value to every one of our customers.


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