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understanding electrical risk
April 12, 2021

Understanding Electrical risk

Working with electricity is an inherently hazardous undertaking. Electrical risk incorporates the danger of death, shock or other injury caused by electricity – through either direct or indirect exposure.

new catalogue
April 27, 2020

Protection Solutions Guide

Uncover the latest in Ansell’s full range of PPE product solutions across multiple industries and applications.

October 14, 2019

Protection from Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals are the base building blocks in manufacturing an incredibly broad spectrum of products across many industries. Categorised into three main chemical groups – olefins, aromatics and synthesis gases – there are hundreds of substances that fall under the petrochemical umbrella.

Protect the hand that feeds
July 25, 2019 food processing and services

Protect the hand that feeds

Few industries exhibit the breadth of workplace hazards found within the food and beverage processing sector. So, how can safety managers easily determine which glove to use for each application within this multifaceted industry?


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