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Meeting the Needs of Veterinary Professionals

Whether routine, specialty or emergency care, a full-service veterinary hospital needs the same level of quality patient and practitioner protection you’d expect in a healthcare setting. Ansell’s full line of healthcare products, including disposable gloves, surgical gloves and operating room supplies, provide exceptional protection for every situation.

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Prevent latex allergies


SENSOPRENE technology produces chemical accelerator-free surgical gloves that are up to 30% thinner than our standard neoprene glove while delivering similar strength. This means you get effective protection from latex and chemical allergies in a neoprene glove that is optimized for comfort, sensitivity, strength, and durability.

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DERMASHIELD Technology is a proprietary inner coating for fast and easy damp or dry hand donning whether it is the first don or during intraoperative changes.

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A.R.T Technology is a proprietary process, integrated into the manufacturing line to help eliminate possible defects that may result in pinholes, delivering more advanced glove barrier protection.

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HYDRASOFT Technology is an odorless, water-based coating applied on the inside of the glove that helps retain moisture and rehydrate dry skin to improve the wearers’ skin condition.

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PI-KARE Technology enables the elimination of standard chemical accelerators from polyisoprene (PI) gloves known to cause chemical Type IV allergies and sensitivities, making them safer to use.

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