VIKING™ PRO Latex Cuffs

The standard cuff fitted to most VIKING™ vulcanized dry suits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dual dipped, seamless latex
  • Extra long for maximum sealing area, and to fit different arm lengths
  • Thinner latex at the wrist for maximum sealing
  • Tapered wrist sealing edge


VIKING™ PRO Latex Cuffs are made from dual dipped, seamless latex.

The cuffs are thicker at the end where they attach to the suit, and thinner at the wrist to form the best seal.

Extra long for maximum sealing area, and to accommodate different arm lengths.

Unisize, adjustable (cut to fit).

Fitted as standard to VIKING™ PRO, PROTECH II & HAZTECH, where a good seal is essential.

Product details

  • MATERIAL Natural rubber (NR) latex
  • THICKNESS 1.6 mm / 0.8 mm
  • COLOR Black
  • SIZES Unisize

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