Cut-Resistant Gloves and Sleeves

Understanding Cut Resistance Standards

For occupational settings, cut-resistant glove levels are measured on a scale of A-to-F, following the EN 388:2016 standards. This short video offers insights into cut protection and cut resistance levels.

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How to Choose Cut-Resistant Gloves and Sleeves

There is more to cut-resistant gloves and sleeves than just choosing the right level of protection. Below you will find a number of questions to consider when evaluating available options:


Ansell Cut-Resistant Solutions


Ansell’s cut-resistant gloves incorporate innovative materials that leverage our proprietary INTERCEPT™ Technology to create a cut-resistant yarn that delivers a lighter weight and more comfortable alternative to other branded yarns.

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The cut-resistant level refers to the capability of a glove and how it withstands the weight (in grams) until it is cut through. Higher levels of cut protection feature increased protection from hazardous objects such as ceramic knives, glass, metal saws, and other items with sharp surfaces.

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Yes, you can. In fact, experts recommend proper care and cleanliness of cut-resistant gloves and sleeves to extend wear life and minimize the spread of viruses. Due to the variety of coatings and fabrics, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning cut-resistant PPE.

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