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The extensive range of BioClean cleanroom consumables including clean and clean/validated sterile disposable gloves, autoclavable and single-use goggles, disposable garments – offering both product and personal protection – are used and trusted in more than 80 countries. All BioClean products are processed and packed within an ISO Class 4 or 5 cleanroom ensuring BioClean products are pristine to make certain your people, products and processes stay protected.​


News and Innovations

BioClean P-Zero Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves

Offering excellent chemical resistance, tested to ASTM D6978-05, together with antistatic properties and low particle count these ISO Class 4 compatible gloves are the perfect choice for wearers looking for flexibility, comfort and good dexterity.

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BioClean-D Drop-down disposable garment

The drop-down garment's unique design offers true aseptic donning, with internal colored tabs to indicate safe touch points to prevent touching the outside surface, and the innovative up-and-over-donning design eliminates the risk of the garment touching the floor. Strategically placed quick-release tabs (to hold and remove during zip closure) ensure aseptic donning throughout the donning process.

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Validated sterile and clean nitrile RABS and isolator gloves

The BioClean sterile EU GMP Grade A compatible nitrile RABS and isolator gloves range sets the standard for cleanliness and protection. Manufactured and processed with the benefit of our years of cleanroom knowledge and expertise, our RABS and isolator gloves will meet the most stringent of cleanroom SOPs. Already, they are in use by leading pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing facilities around the world.

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New Resources

The changing face of EN 374 and cleanroom gloves

Choosing the right glove with the right protection level for the task in hand is not always easy – understanding the meanings of all the different protection markings means you need to know and understand the EN standards to help you make the right decision. The 2003 issue of the EN 374 family of standards is changing. With 13 years of experience to draw on the new 2016 editions defining current state-of-the-art are due to be enforced from April 2018.  Download the summary of changes and FAQs and get to grips with the changes.

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