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Jo Fabb December 20, 2023

Ansell SMART Pack - A Sustainable Packaging Innovation for Sterile Cleanroom PPE Gloves

For over 130 years, Ansell has been at the forefront of protecting people and the planet. Today, our commitment is stronger than ever. As a global leader in personal protective equipment (PPE), we're dedicated to minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices at every step. From our responsible supply chain management to innovative packaging solutions, every aspect of our product journey is designed with care and consideration for the environment.

Introducing SMART Pack: our latest innovation that redefines sustainable packaging in the life sciences industry. Compact, efficient, and environmentally conscious, SMART Pack is more than just packaging – it's a testament to our dedication to a greener future.

Ansell Earth: Thinking of people and planet first

Ansell Earth is our global product sustainability initiative. It is a comprehensive framework that guides Ansell’s sustainability efforts across all areas of the business. This initiative is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact while upholding product quality and performance, spanning five key areas: Material, Manufacturing, Packaging, Use, and End of Use.

SMART Pack packaging is a prime example of Ansell Earth's principles in action. Through innovative design and material selection, SMART Pack demonstrates how sustainability and functionality can coexist, aligning with our goal of reducing environmental impact in every aspect of our operations.

What is Smart Pack?

SMART Pack is where innovation meets sustainability. By significantly reducing the pouch size (it’s 56% smaller than the previous pouch size) and automating the packing process minimising human contact to reduce the risk of contamination we can ensure sterile cleanroom gloves packed in the SMART Pack are delivered with consideration for both the planet and product in mind.

Our approach not only minimizes contamination risks but also helps meet our and our customers sustainability goals. In our commitment to sustainability, we've carefully selected materials that are recyclable and made from recycled content where possible. This approach ensures that every aspect of our product delivery system contributes to the larger goal of sustainability without compromising on quality or safety.

Ansell's AccuTech and TouchNTuff sterile cleanroom gloves in SMART Pack packaging, highlighting compact and sustainable design
We are excited to introduce the SMART Pack versions of our renowned products: AccuTech® 91-225 and TouchNTuff® 73-701. Ensuring your trusted gloves are now delivered in smarter, more sustainable packaging.

Smarter packaging. Same trusted gloves.


Smart For The Cleanroom

In the highly controlled environment of cleanrooms, protecting the product is paramount. The packaging configuration has been carefully configured with cleanroom requirements, transfer and handling in mind ensuring product protection while supporting environmental sustainability where possible.

This innovative packaging solution offers a range of benefits to the life sciences sector, including:

  • Automated Packaging Process - Inner wrap folding, insertion of the inner wrap into the SMART Pack™, and sealing of the SMART Pack™

    Automated Packaging Process
    Our automated packing process minimizes human contact, significantly reducing contamination risks. This includes placing the gloves on the inner wrap, inner wrap folding, insertion of the inner wrap into the pouch and sealing of the pouch, ensuring a meticulous and contaminant-free packing process.

  • SMART Pack™ lessens contamination risk

    Enhanced Product Integrity
    The compact handling area of the pouch lessens contamination risk, as supported by research1. The Easy Peel opening method of the smaller pouch, has been Helmke Drum tested, demonstrating zero particulate release which is the same as the larger EasyTear pouch.

  • Updated packaging design to minimize ink usage

    Sustainable Printing
    Designed to reduce contamination risk and paper usage by replacing traditional printed barcode labels with traceability information ink-jet printed along the top of the pouch.

  • SMART Pack™ allows for smaller shipper cases

    Enhanced Capacity
    The reduced size of the packaging components allows for smaller shipper cases (with the same amount of gloves per shipper case) smaller shipper cases result in extra capacity per shipping container, meaning we can ship more gloves per container ensuring efficient shipping and supply assurance.

Smart For The Environment

At Ansell, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of our products. The SMART Pack is a testament to this commitment, incorporating sustainable practices where possible into every aspect of its design and production.

  • Smaller, lighter cartons considerably reduce CO2 emissions

    Reduced Carbon Footprint
    Our SMART Pack packaging has been designed to significantly lighten the weight of our shipper cases. Smaller, lighter shipper cases considerably reduce the CO2 emissions from 63 tonnes CO2 eq to 41 tonnes CO2 eq — equating to 73,340 fewer miles driven by delivery vans annually2 - that's almost 3 times around the globe!

  • Saving 122,250 grams of plastic, the equivalent of 9,780 plastic water bottles

    Smaller Pouches = Less Plastic Used
    With our compact pouches, we've managed to cut down on the amount of plastic used. Annually, saving 102,187 grams of plastic, the equivalent of 8,175 plastic water bottles3. This significant reduction contributes to our commitment to reduce plastic consumption and ensures our products remain effective while reducing their impact on the environment. Curious about our use of plastic in packaging? Read our article on the vital role plastic packaging plays in the context of cleanroom consumables

  • Ansell's dedication to reduce waste at every stage of our product lifecycle

    Waste Reduction Commitment
    Ansell is dedicated to reducing waste at every stage of our product lifecycle. Our waste reduction commitment is evident in our SMART Pack packaging where all components are recyclable5. With the new packing configuration, we are cutting back on the number of plastic bags per shipper case, saving nearly 1 MILLION plastic bags annually4. Our shipper cases are made from 100% recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable. Moreover, both the pouch and its inner and outer bags are manufactured using HDPE or LDPE, ensuring that they can be efficiently recycled5. To gain a comprehensive understanding of our approach to recyclability, we invite you to download our Recyclability One-pager & Environmental Benefits one-pager.

  • SMART Pack™ has enhanced our container capacity allowing 18% more glove pairs per shipment

    Efficient Shipping
    The streamlined design of the pouch has enhanced our container capacity allowing 18% more glove pairs per shipment4. This increase not only optimizes logistics and distribution but also contributes to a reduction in the number of shipments required. This efficiency directly translates into fewer carbon emissions and a more sustainable supply chain, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and efficient resource utilization.

SMART Pack vs Current Standard Packaging Configurations
SMART Pack packaging is up to 56% smaller in square area compared to current standard packaging

Join us in committing to sustainability by choosing the Ansell's SMART Pack

The SMART Pack is an innovative packaging solution that is helping to set a new standard for sustainability in the life sciences sector. It is a testament to Ansell's unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices. As we continue to innovate and advance our products and solutions, we remain committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and fostering a more sustainable future for the life sciences sector.


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1 Trier et al. The Role of Packaging Size on Contamination Rates during Simulated Presentation to a Sterile Field. PLoS ONE (2014); vol 9 (issue 7):1-5. 
2 UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting, v1, 2021, average emission conversion factors for delivery van up to 3.5 ton (diesel)
3 Average 500ml plastic water bottle is 12.5grams
4 Based on FY22 sales volumes (styles 91-225 & 73-701 only)
5 Always check your local recyclable status of HDPE and LDPE as these plastic materials may not be considered suitable for recycling in your country.

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