Underwater diving poses threats to the diver, ranging from environmental to physiological to operational risks. They all apply to commercial divers, fire & rescue divers, public safety divers and sports and technical divers.

Using the right safety solutions for any diving rescue is crucial. Safety equipment such as diving suits, masks, regulators and more offer protection and emergency assistance for professionals to handle any situation - rescue or maintenance alike.

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VIKING™ dry diving suits are designed to keep the diver dry and comfortable in various underwater environments. They are made of different materials and configurations depending on the type and purpose of diving.
VIKING™ hot water suits are a type of diving suits that are designed for offshore saturation diving, offshore and military diving, where extended diving periods are required. They provide warmth and comfort to the diver by circulating hot water through a network of tubes inside the suit.
VIKING™ surface rescue suits are a type of immersion suit designed to protect the wearer from hypothermia and waterborne contaminants in surface water rescue operations. They are made of lightweight, flexible, durable, and puncture-resistant materials that provide thermal regulation and comfort.

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