Public Safety


EMS workers such as paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMT) and others face exposures to infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV, COVID-19, and fentanyl. They also experience environmental hazards such as heat, cold and even dangerous environments such as accident or crime scenes. They may sometimes encounter volatile situations where violence may occur which can include alcohol or drug abuse. Using the right protective equipment will help mitigate risks and keep EMS workers safer on the job.
Fire Rescue workers who tackle fires in residential, commercial, and industrial settings would need the right first responder protection equipment as they face extreme heat, intense smoke & even explosive environments. Putting their lives on the line, risking burns and injuries from debris are part of their day-to-day. In the face of danger, they must maneuver through confined spaces, navigate dark and complex structures, and conduct search and rescue operations to save lives.

Furthermore, hazmat workers are skilled at handling chemical spills, leaks, and other hazardous substance incidents. Hazmat protection and CBRN protection is important as these courageous individuals regularly face exposure to toxic gases, corrosive chemicals, flammable materials, and biological hazards.
Law and correction officers or correctional workers face a range of hazards such as physical assault, exposure to hazardous substances which includes illicit drugs, chemicals or even exposure to infectious diseases in correctional facilities. Having the appropriate first responder protection equipment protects them as they protect the public from harm. Personal protective equipment for police officers includes abrasion protection gloves, cut protection gloves, and more.
Mortuary workers and coroners who handle deceased bodies and perform autopsies can be exposed to infectious diseases. Sometimes mortuary workers go through chemical exposure when handling embalming fluids, cleaning agents and other chemicals used in the preservation and preparation of bodies. Needlestick injuries may occur and this could expose them to bloodborne pathogens and infections. Choosing the right personal protection equipment helps to protect mortuary workers and coroners, allowing them to perform their best.
Military officers face various threats, attacks and injuries. Some are physical and others could be chemical which include CWA (Chemical Warfare Agent) and biological threats such as Anthrax. Providing military officers with specific military personal protection equipment can help mitigate lethal risks and even keep them more confident on the job.


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In this interactive 360º experience, you'll discover the challenges and the hazards faced by first responders during emergencies, crisis, chemical leaks and more as they protect the public.

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