VIKING™ 3-Finger Latex Mittens

Gloves for use with VIKING™ dry suits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed for VIKING™ Rubber Cuff Rings: Protecting hands with a secure fit
  • Delivered with cotton inner gloves: Greater convenience, elevated comfort
  • Latex formulation: Sturdy but not as durable as pure rubber gloves


  • Improved practicality: VIKING™ 3-Finger Latex Mittens are made for use with VIKING™ dry suits and can be fitted over VIKING™ Rubber Cuff Rings for added personal protection
  • Increased comfort: For optimal comfort, these black latex mittens are supplied with 5-finger cotton inner gloves and come in unisize
  • Everyday usability: Although not as hard-wearing as pure rubber gloves, VIKING™ 3-Finger Latex Mittens make sturdy hand protection gloves

Product details

  • MATERIAL Natural rubber (NR) latex
  • THICKNESS 1.6 mm
  • COLOR Black
  • SIZES Unisize

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