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Healthcare safety solutions


As the healthcare industry evolves, pressures to improve patient outcomes, drive efficiencies and reduce costs continues to rise. Ansell is an innovator in high-quality solutions for workplace safety, here to help you meet your goals. With over 125 years experience of developing technologies that keep you safe, you can rely on our team to help you identify, select and implement the most appropriate solutions for your facility. You care about protecting your patients, we care about protecting you.

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January 24, 2019 Medical

Double Gloving

The OR is a unique environment with inherent peculiarities that increase the chance of glove failure. Check out some best practices to minimize risk.
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January 15, 2019 Safe Surgical Environment

Minimizing Risk Takes Time

Well-coordinated safety programs that routinely include the use of safety engineered devices and organizational investment for staff health make for a safer environment
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Not all non-latex surgical gloves offer the same protection. Understanding the chemical profile is important. 100% chemical accelerator-free neoprene gloves or PI gloves made without standard chemical accelerators known to cause Type IV allergies is recommended for advanced allergy protection.

Ansell’s innovative skin-friendly PI technology eliminates the use of standard chemical accelerators known to cause allergic contact dermatitis. Instead, only biologically-safer chemical accelerators are now used.
PI-KARE_Skin Friendly PI TEechnology

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Product Innovation

Solutions for today and tomorrow that combine advanced technologies, manufacturing, and best practice in quality assurance with a wide portfolio that meets every caregiver's needs.

Market Focus

Connected to caregivers and patients through our global network of Key Opinion Leaders, clinical experts, and continuing education programs.

Global Leadership

Comprehensive worldwide footprint in distribution, market share, customer satisfaction, and philanthropy.