Ansell SANDEL® Medical Solutions keep patients and hospital staff safer by covering key areas of concern in preoperative environments


Healthcare Safety Solutions


Developed in collaboration with clinical professionals, SANDEL® Healthcare Safety Solutions reduce the risk of preventable injuries, errors, and infections in high-risk environments.

The signature bright orange products equip caregivers with solutions to do their job safely while improving patient outcomes.

Sandel® highlights

Ansell SANDEL offers medical solutions that address the various concerns you have in the operating room

  1. Sharps Safety
  2. Fluid & Trip Management
  3. Staff Ergonomics
  4. Safe Patient Handling
  5. Never Event Protection
  6. O.R. Turnover

Find the right safety solutions

Sharps safety

Safety scalpels, safety scalpel handles, neutral zones, and other sharps safety solutions designed to help reduce the risk of injury in the operating room.

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Never event protection

Medication labels, skin markers, and TIME OUT solutions designed to reduce the risk of medication errors and wrong-site surgery in the operating room.

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Staff ergonomics

Medical step stools, sit stand stools, and anti-fatigue mats designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries for staff.

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O.R. Turnover solutions

Operating room turnover kits, antimicrobial linens, and more to reduce cross-contamination and help with improving operating room turnover time.

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Resources to keep your environment safe


A comprehensive patient repositioning system designed to reduce the risk of patient pressure injuries and improve staff safety.

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O.R. Turnover Solutions

Turnover solutions help minimize the risk of cross-contamination while boosting efficiency and improving operating room turnover time.

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Trip-No-More™ disposable cord covers are a simple solution for preventing trips, slips, and falls.

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