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We design and manufacture a wide range of chemical-resistant PPE to help protect workers against multiple chemical exposure risks. Our products are rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards, providing workers with optimal chemical resistance against hazardous industrial chemicals and substances. Our industry-leading chemical protection portfolio, combined with our proprietary AnsellGUARDIAN® safety management service, makes Ansell the ideal choice for your chemical protection needs.
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Chemical Protective Portfolio

Ansell Chemical Protective Gloves

Chemical Hand Protection

Ansell chemical safety gloves are offered in a range of protective polymers and designed with our innovative glove technologies that provide additional mechanical protection and feature advanced grip, comfort and flexibility to improve overall worker safety at your workplace.

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Ansell Chemical Protective Clothing

Chemical Protective Clothing

Protecting people while they work in dirty or hazardous environments has always been our focus, whether you’re working with liquid, solid or gas chemicals, asbestos, paint, oil, grease, or viruses. Our offer ranges from particulate or low hazard, liquid spray and splash, gas-tight suits to diving suits and accessories.

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