Multi-Hazard Chemical Protection Solutions

Industrial environments have many high-risk hazards and AlphaTec products provide wearers with the most suitable protection, comfort and confidence to continue working in a multitude of risks. Workers across the world rely on Ansell products day in day out to protect them. However, selecting protective equipment is a crucial, yet challenging task for industrial managers worldwide. Since complex portfolios are made even more complicated by evolving standards and regulations, compliance is becoming increasingly difficult. In response to recent regulatory changes, we are proactively streamlining the process for specifying and selecting Ansell chemical protective equipment. AlphaTec now provide a complete portfolio of multi-hazard protection products taking you beyond just chemical protection.

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Chemical Simplified

AlphaTec® simplifies our chemical protection portfolio

Our refined portfolio reflects a deep understanding of workplace needs and provides comprehensive protection solutions. In this process, some styles will be rationalized, many will migrate to AlphaTec and a few of these will be co-branded for a smooth transition period. Here is an overview of the new product line logic and the brand transition.



Microchem by AlphaTec 3000


Every day, workers across the world face working in dirty, hazardous and challenging environments. If you are working with one of the countless workplace contaminants in evidence today, trust Ansell to help keep you protected.

Worker Experience Innovation technologies


ANSELL GRIP is a coating treatment that minimizes the force required to grip dry, oily and wet tools or materials, reducing hand and arm fatigue while improving dexterity, safety and productivity.

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AQUADRI features a composite material that wicks perspiration into its micropores and disperses heat for a drier, cooler and more comfortable fit.

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ERGOFORM is a technology that enables Ansell to design safety solutions that support musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks to improve worker performance.

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INTERCEPT Technology blends engineered, synthetic and natural fibers into high-performance yarns that provide high cut protection in targeted areas of cut risk, along with great comfort and high dexterity.

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MICROCHEM Chemical Barrier Technology combines polymers in proprietary multi-layer structures specific to their application, providing superior protection to wearers in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear environments.

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RIPEL Technology is a repellent surface barrier that prevents oils, lubricants, chemicals or other liquids from making even incidental contact with the wearer’s skin.

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