VIKING™ Rubber Cuff Rings

A simple method for attaching cuffs and gloves.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy to mount on the dry suit
  • Ideal for use in contaminated water diving
  • Allows for changing of latex cuffs and gloves without glue
  • For use also with Silicone Cuffs


VIKING™ Rubber Cuff Rings are easy to mount & simple to use, for attaching and replacing latex & silicone cuffs as well as latex gloves.

The VIKING™ Rubber Cuff Rings consist of an outer rubber ring, which is attached to the suit, and an inner plastic ring, where the cuff/glove is mounted.

The outer rubber ring can be fitted to the suit in two ways:

  • Permanently attached to the sleeve by gluing and taping
  • Mounted to an existing latex cuff

Available in 2 versions:
  • STD: Option for VIKING™ PRO, PROTECH II, HD, VTS, WRS-D & WRS suits
  • HDS (Nitecs material): Option for VIKING™ HAZTECH suits

Product details

  • COLOR Black
  • SIZES Unisize

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