Importance of reducing the risk of Type IV Chemical Allergies for Dental Professionals

Allergic reactions to chemical residues from the glove manufacturing process may produce what is known as a Type IV Allergy (Chemical Allergy) or ACD. This type of allergy is not life threatening, but it is a major concern for healthcare workers. Ansell provides products that are specifically engineered for healthcare workers who may have extremely sensitive skin. Using advanced manufacturing processes, these products are produced without the use of any chemical accelerators.


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Every day millions of people around the world depend on Ansell in their professional and personal lives. With Ansell they always know they are protected and can perform better – because our category expertise, innovative products, trusted brands and advanced technology gives them peace of mind and confidence that no other company can deliver. We uphold an unwavering commitment to quality and our quality control systems to protect more than 10 million workers in more than 25 different industries every day. With 125 years of experience, we put our dedication to worker safety above all else.

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The impact of COVID-19 on Dentistry

Over the past year, many new approaches to virus protection in the dental clinic have emerged. This paper looks at recent advances in dentistry’s safety protocols and identifies those which will likely remain in place.

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Upholding Glove Safety in Dentistry

While Ansell’s commitment to producing superior quality dental exam gloves remains unchanged, recent developments have seen low-grade alternative protective wear enter the market. Read about the risks involved here.

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Ansell Solutions

Our ERGOFORM™ Ergonomic Design Technology allows us to engineer more comfortable gloves that improve performance and ease musculoskeletal stress that could lead to injuries. Learn More
Ansell's HYDRASOFT™  Technology is an odorless, water-based coating applied on the inside of the glove that helps retain moisture and rehydrate dry skin to improve the wearers’ skin condition. Learn More
Ansell's solutions portfolio consists of gloves that are made from a durable and soft nitrile formulation manufactured without chemical accelerators, helping to protect users from Type IV chemical allergies. Read More
Our portfolio is designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in protecting dental professionals and patients from airborne diseases and will help reduce the exposure of blood and fluids splashes. Download

Key Brands


In the dental industry, MICROFLEX gloves have been exceeding single-use glove wearers’ expectations for over 30 years. MICROFLEX gloves offer cutting-edge innovation, consistent quality and superior performance.


Our MICRO-TOUCH dental solutions offer superior strength, quality, and value for dental professionals.


The GAMMEX line of products offer the most advanced surgical glove technology for dental professionals within the Ansell protective solution portfolio.


Our ENCORE brand of surgical gloves delivers effective latex glove solutions for your dental needs.