Cut-Resistant Gloves and Sleeves

Understanding Cut Resistance Standards

For occupational settings, cut-resistant glove levels are measured on a scale of A1-A9, following the ANSI/ISEA 105:2016 standard. This short video offers insights into cut protection and cut resistance levels.

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How to Choose Cut-Resistant Gloves and Sleeves

There is more to cut-resistant gloves and sleeves than just choosing the right level of protection. Below you will find a number of questions to consider when evaluating available options:

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Ansell Cut-Resistant Solutions

Ansell cut-resistant gloves and cut-resistant sleeves provide outstanding comfort, protection and performance, improving the overall worker experience. Explore our latest innovations and wide variety of best-in-class cut protection solutions, and learn how INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology can help keep your workers safe.

Exposure to sharp materials and subsequent cut risk is a common threat in most working environments. Even performing seemingly safe tasks, like general warehouse duties, can leave workers vulnerable to cut injuries. By equipping your workers with a moderate cut-resistant glove, you can help reduce the risk of injury. Explore our moderate cut-resistant glove solutions here.

Many applications, across different industries, require a higher level of cut protection to ensure workers are kept safe from cuts and scrapes. From ANSI cut level A3 to ANSI cut level A5, these gloves deliver truly superior protection and comfort. Take a look at some of the solutions we offer in the high cut-resistant range.

In hazardous conditions, where there is a higher risk of serious cut injuries, workers may need to look at extreme cut protection to minimize laceration risks. These gloves offer a minimum of 3000 grams of cut protection, or ANSI cut resistance levels of A6 or higher. From handling sheet metal to glass parts, these gloves offer truly reliable protection.

Explore our best-in-class arm protection range. Soft to the touch, while offering wearers a cool feel, our seamless protective arm sleeve designs deliver superior comfort. These comfortable cut-resistant sleeves are available in a range of ANSI cut levels, as well as varying lengths and widths.

Ansell INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology is an industry-leading, proprietary cut-resistant yarn, providing an ideal combination of comfort, performance and dexterity. It blends engineered, synthetic and natural fibers to provide premium, lightweight and more comfortable cut-resistant gloves and sleeves. When comfort and protection are essential, you can trust INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology to keep your workers safe. Explore our INTERCEPT™ range here.

The increased need for touchscreen devices in industrial settings has created a new safety challenge. It is not practical – or advisable – to continually remove and re-don PPE in order to utilize touchscreens. Ansell is proud to offer touchscreen glove choices that guard against multiple workplace hazards, including laceration risks, while delivering flexibility, dexterity and comfort to encourage all-day wear. Explore our portfolio of cut-resistant gloves with touchscreen compatibility.

Daily tasks that require varying levels of cut performance and dexterity usually mean thicker gloves are worn to minimize the risk of injury. Consequently, workers often replace or remove their gloves to complete the task at hand, which leads to inefficiencies and decreased productivity. Unfortunately, this also heightens the risk of cut injury. Forego the trade-off between functionality and protection by using Ansell's lightweight and ultra-lightweight cut-resistant gloves.

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INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology

INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology is a proprietary Ansell technology, blending engineered, synthetic and natural fibers with high-performance cut-resistant yarns, for protective solutions that offer superior comfort and dexterity.
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Workplace Hazards

Cut-Resistant Glove Levels

Identifying cut-resistant gloves or sleeves with the appropriate ANSI cut level rating for the applications in your facility is essential to keeping your workforce safe and preventing workplace injuries.
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Ansell’s cut-resistant gloves incorporate innovative materials that leverage our proprietary INTERCEPT™ Technology to create a cut-resistant yarn that delivers a lighter weight and more comfortable alternative to other branded yarns.

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The cut-resistant level refers to the capability of a glove and how it withstands the weight (in grams) until it is cut through. Higher levels of cut protection feature increased protection from hazardous objects such as ceramic knives, glass, metal saws, and other items with sharp surfaces.

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Yes, you can. In fact, experts recommend proper care and cleanliness of cut-resistant gloves and sleeves to extend wear life and minimize the spread of viruses. Due to the variety of coatings and fabrics, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning cut-resistant PPE.

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