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High performance cut resistant gloves working with sheet metal
April 06, 2021 workplace hazards

What are the levels of cut resistant gloves?

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the standard, and ASTM F2992-15 is the existing standard for measuring cut-resistant materials on a 9-level scale in North America. Finding the glove with the appropriate cut level for your job is paramount.

Viral protection in disposable gloves
March 15, 2021 workplace hazards

Understanding Viral Penetration Properties in Disposable Gloves

Viruses are present in every environment, exist solely to reproduce, and are considered the most abundant biological entity on earth.1 And sometimes – as in the case of COVID-19 – they cause widespread, deadly disease.

Scientist working with latex-free neoprene gloves.
February 25, 2021

Does neoprene contain latex? Reduce Allergies

Neoprene is a safe latex alternative for those with Type IV skin allergies. Neoprene gloves are latex-free and used in a variety of industrial and life sciences applications. Ansell offers multiple latex-free alternatives to ensure the needs of each customer are met.

Automotive industry, gloves
January 07, 2021 workplace hazards

Top 5 Safety Tips for the Automotive Workplace

Hand-related injuries are one of the most common forms of worker injures in Automotive Manufacturing environments. Here are 5 ways to help you and your workers stay safe!


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