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Ansell’s priority is to protect people who work in a controlled or critical environment, and the products you produce or the research you’re conducting. Whether you are working with hazardous chemicals in microelectronics, biological hazards in bio-processing or you are assembling medical devices that must be absolutely contamination free, our range of personal-protective equipment ensures you, your products and your research stay protected.



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Tools and Regulations

EN ISO 374

Understand the changes and frequently asked questions about the new EN ISO 374 standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Type I and Type IV Allergies?

Type I: The most serious and the rarest form, Type I is an immediate and potentially life threatening reaction, not unlike the severe reaction some people have to bee stings. This form of Allergy is normally associated with latex proteins. Latex allergies can be acquired over time due to prolonged contact with latex products. Type IV: Also known as allergic contact dermatitis. This involves a delayed skin rash with blistering and oozing of the skin, and is usually attributed to the accelerators used in the processing of rubber products. We offer products that are manufactured without accelerators - further information can be supplied on request.

When Does a PPE Glove Become a Category 3 Glove for Chemical Protection?

According to the Personal Protective Equipment Directive (89/686/EC) any 'PPE providing only limited protection against chemical attack' is PPE of complex design, i.e. Category 3. Any glove that protects against 'cleaning materials of weak action and easily reversible effects (gloves affording protection against diluted detergent solutions, etc.)' are defined as simple design by the directive, i.e. Category 1. So, any glove that is intended to protect against anything other than the weakest of chemicals is a Category 3 glove.

Video gallery

BioClean™ Drop-Down Garment Comparison Video

See how the Drop-down garment eliminates cross-contamination when donning compared to a standard coverall.

BioClean™ Drop-Down Garment Manufacturing

Watch how BioClean drop-down garments are manufactured in a cleanroom environment from start to finish.

TouchNTuff® 73-500

The TouchNTuff 73-500 ergonomically designed glove offers a new feel in double donning and dry applications for workers in sterile environments.

TouchNTuff® 83-500

The TouchNTuff 83-500 glove provides a second-skin feel and is ideal for workers in sterile environments who want the comfort and performance of natural rubber latex without the risk of allergic reactions.