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Ansell Ltd. April 29, 2020

An Update to Our Partners: Production & Logistics


Rest assured that with your ongoing partnership and support, we will continue to deliver PPE to healthcare and other essential industries globally. As circumstances change on a daily basis, we appreciate the flexibility you’ve shown as we adapt together. We’re committed to providing you with timely and transparent communications and we’re honored to be partnering with you to protect the lives of people around the globe.


We’ve been recognized as an essential PPE service provider, allowing restrictions previously placed on some of our factories to be lifted. However, government-imposed measures to prevent the spread of the virus where our products are manufactured pose an issue beyond just keeping our plants open. The restrictions on the manufacture, transport, and importation of packaging and raw materials have limited and continue to prevent some of our factories from operating at 100% capacity. Additionally, disruptions to freight transportation and logistics are affecting delivery times in some regions.


We continue to receive extraordinarily high volumes of inventory every week at a rate never seen before. This, combined with the volume of COVID-19 orders and fulfilment, has strained warehouse operations. To alleviate some of this pressure, we’ve taken steps to change the way we distribute shipments and orders between our warehouses, making room for incoming volume. Our support warehouses have stepped up, increasing capacity to take on more containers and support these additional shipments.


The impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across the market. We’re experiencing significant cost increases from third-party suppliers for raw materials and freight. You may have seen price increases and surcharges from other suppliers. We’ve made every effort to absorb these additional costs, but we will keep you informed as we continue to evaluate the situation and make necessary adjustments.

Should you have questions about the status of a current order or steps that Ansell is taking to meet the needs of our valued distributor and end-user partners, please contact your Ansell representative or customer service representative.

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