Odette Jansz
Odette Jansz March 22, 2021

New surgical dipping lines ramp up supply

Ansell has, and always will be, focused on staying future-ready so O.R. staff around the world, who have made Ansell surgical gloves the No. 1 glove of choice, can stay focused on what matters most: their safety and the quality of patient care.

As a result of thinking ahead of the game, our pre-COVID resource planning has led to 4 new surgical dipping lines being fully operational in 2021 in the three Ansell-owned manufacturing plants based in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

These new lines will significantly increase the capacity of non-latex surgical and sterile life sciences gloves as well as natural rubber latex surgical gloves.

9 additional dipping lines will further expand capacity once Ansell's first ever India-based manufacturing plant becomes fully operational. Complete with packing and sterilization facilities, this new plant in Kovai, India, is expected to be completed in three phases by 2026.

Our substantial investment in state-of-the-art equipment, advanced process automation, in-house Gamma irradiation sterilization capability and sustainable manufacturing practices mean that we will be ready to meet supply while delivering on the product quality expectations customers demand from us as a global PPE provider.

Additionally, our dual-source capability with plants in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and soon India; and our multi-sourcing strategy for critical raw materials will help to mitigate manufacturing and supply disruptions during the most challenging of times.

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