GAMMEX® Non-Latex

Neoprene, chemical accelerator-free surgical gloves, offering protection and peace of mind

Key Features and Benefits
  • Chemical accelerator-free formulation: Advanced protection from allergies
  • Neoprene film strength: Proven to withstand the most rigorous procedures
  • Smooth with micro-textured finish: Confident instrument handling and grip
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Surgical Gloves Surgical Gloves

Featured technologies

  • Advanced allergy protection: GAMMEX® Non-Latex neoprene surgical gloves are synthetic, causing no risk of a Type I latex allergy, while their 100% chemical accelerator-free formulation limits the risk of sensitization to allergens leading to allergic contact dermatitis
  • Proven durability: Strong neoprene glove film delivers the added hand protection needed for the most rigorous procedures
  • Confident grip: These sterile gloves feature an external micro-textured finish for firmer, more confident instrument handling
  • Effortless donning: Ansell’s donning aid technology includes an internal polymer coating that facilitates easy dry or damp donning
  • Chemo-tested: In addition, these long-cuff gloves are tested against ASTM D6978 and recommended for the safe handling of chemotherapy drugs*

  • *Contact Ansell Customer Service for specific chemotherapy drug permeation times and recommendations
Size Code
5.5 8511 50 pairs per box; 4 boxes per carton/case; 200 pairs per carton/case
6 8512
6.5 8513
7 8514
7.5 8515
8 8516
8.5 8517
9 8518
    • AS/NZS 4179
    • ASTM D3577; 
    • ASTM D6978; 
    • ASTM D7160; 
    • ASTM F1670; 
    • ASTM F739
    • EN 16523-1; 
    • EN 374 Microorganism
    • EN374_LowChemicalResistance
    • KLMNPT
    • EN 420:2003 + A1:2009
    • EN 455 1-4; 
    • JIS T9107
    • ISO 10282
  • Damp donning
  • Protection from latex Type I allergy and minimize chemical Type IV allergies in HCW's or patients
  • Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs
  • MATERIAL Neoprene (Polychloroprene)
  • POWDER CONTENT Powder-Free
  • COLOR Green
  • THICKNESS Standard
  • CUFF STYLE Beaded with SUREFIT™ Technology
  • EXTERNAL GLOVE SURFACE Smooth with Micro-Textured Finish
  • INTERNAL GLOVE SURFACE Polymer Coated with DERMASHIELD™ Technology
  • ALLERGY PREVENTION Latex (Type I), Chemical (Type IV)
  • GRIP LEVEL Moderate
  • DOUBLE GLOVING RECOMMENDATION Outer glove or underglove
  • TESTED FOR USE WITH CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS Yes, in accordance with ASTM D6978 and US FDA cleared