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On the back of a record FY21, Ansell continues to demonstrate the global importance of personal protection.

"Ansell Protects, now more than ever. As CEO, I am determined to see our global expertise leveraged, to deliver innovative, sustainable safety solutions for our customers. As we confront the challenges ahead, your safety is our priority."
Neil Salmon, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

As health and safety regulations evolve, Ansell remains at the forefront, offering the solutions and expertise companies need.
10 billion

Manufacturing more than 10 billion gloves per year

25 industries

Providing protection solutions to more than 25 specific industries

10 million

Protecting more than 10 million workers each day

100 countries

Sales activities in more than 100 countries

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At Ansell, sustainability means conducting business ethically and transparently, in ways that produce social, environmental, and economic benefits for communities around the world.
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16. januari 2023

Uw PBM-selectie optimaliseren voor een optimale CBRN-verdediging

Chemische, biologische, radiologische en nucleaire (CBRN) verdediging is een constante zorg voor werknemers die regelmatig taakspecifieke persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen (PBM) nodig hebben om zich tegen deze gevaren te beschermen. Over het algemeen begrijpen werknemers bij civiele bescherming of hulpdiensten deze risico's, maar het bepalen van de juiste chemische beschermende kleding is net zo belangrijk als uw vermogen om een potentiële CBRN-dreiging te herkennen.

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Celebrating 125 years

For 125 years, Ansell has delivered the most advanced protection solutions to millions of people, offering peace of mind and confidence at work and at home.
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Our history

In 1893, John Boyd Dunlop established the Australian branch of the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company to manufacture bicycle tyres. One of the mechanics was a young man named Eric Norman Ansell.
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Annual Report

The world's need for protection never stops. Ansell's annual reports outline our performance over the past year and our ambitions for the years ahead.

Sustainability Report

Ansell is committed to leading the PPE industry in responsible human rights, community, environmental, and governance practices.