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HyFlex® 11-542

Extreme comfort and protection (EN ISO cut level F) in high cut risk applications for increased compliance and an uninterrupted workday.
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HyFlex® 11-738

Tough protection with targeted reinforcement in high wear areas. It’s INTERCEPT Cut Resistance Technology provides extreme resistance against cuts.
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HyFlex® 11-840

Extreme durability in abrasive applications. The HyFlex 11-840 matches the natural contours of the hand for a snug fit, tailored to create a more comfortable wearing experience.
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Meet Montserrat Guadalupe Alvarado, a Safety Engineer in Mexico. For Montserrat, keeping her co-workers safe isn't just a job, it's a passion. See why safety matters so much to her.


Meet Alonzo Harris, a cabinet maker in the Jet Aviation industry, and hear how Alonzo turned a traumatic childhood experience into a safety teaching moment for all his co-workers.


Edith Sanchez Florez, a member of the emergency response team at her workplace in Mexico City, knows first-hand how families can also be affected by poor safety choices. Watch how Edith stays safe so she can keep her family smiling.

Ansell HyFlex 11-542

High EN ISO cut level F performance and contact heat resistance up to 100 °C