Ağustos 17, 2020

Ensuring Employee Safety in Ansell’s Manufacturing Plant in Xiamen, China

Leaders in Ansell’s manufacturing plant in Xiamen, China explain how we’re protecting our employees and partnering together to ensure protective clothing reaches the frontlines.

Ağustos 06, 2020

Update from Our Medical PPE Manufacturing Plant in Melaka

Roger Ng, Director of Manufacturing Operations at our Melaka plant explains what we’re doing to keep manufacturing lines moving and expand capacity to ensure that medical and surgical PPE reaches the healthcare workers who need it most.

Temmuz 15, 2020

COVID-19 Resources for Chemical Industries

During the COVID-19 global health crisis, most guidance for the proper wear of personal protective equipment focused on disposable gloves. Workers in chemical industries wearing reusable hand and body protection have a unique set of PPE needs.

Temmuz 09, 2020

Guide to Reopening Workplaces

To help employers as they reopen facilities that shut during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Ansell has summarized guidance from WHO and occupational safety & health organizations in an easy-to-read, one page document.

Haziran 11, 2020

Tips for Mechanical PPE Wearers

For managers looking to better protect mechanical PPE wearers, Ansell has developed several guides with tips on how to clean, sanitize, disinfect and doff mechanical PPE properly to reduce coronavirus exposure risks.

Haziran 11, 2020

An Interview with H. Essers Operations Manager Steven Bollen

Read our interview with Operations Manager Steven Bollen of H. Essers on what lessons this European logistics service provider has learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayıs 18, 2020

Supply Chain Update

John Marsden, SVP of Global Operations and Supply Chain, explains the safety protocols Ansell has in place to keep employees safe while we continue to manufacture and deliver products to our customers.

Nisan 29, 2020

An Update to Our Partners: Production & Logistics

Ansell is committed to providing our partners with timely and transparent updates regarding our manufacturing and supply chain operations. Read our latest update now.

Nisan 14, 2020

Ortaklarımız İçin Bir Güncelleme: Tedarik Zorlukları ve Önceliklendirme

COVID-19'un yayılmasının bir sonucu olarak Ansell, muayene eldivenleri ve tek kullanımlık eldivenler, cerrahi eldivenler, vücut koruması ve diğer KKD'lere yönelik talepte muazzam bir artışla karşı karşıya bulunmaktadır. Ekiplerimiz, üretimi en üst düzeye çıkarmak ve kapasiteyi artırmak için sürekli çalışmaktadır.