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Ansell Ltd. March 03, 2015


Durable coating delivers secure grip for ultimate performance in oily environments


3 March 2015 - Iselin, NJ - Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, announces the launch of the HyFlex 11-926, the first lightweight HyFlex style to combine the protection of three-fourths dip coating and the performance of an oil grip in a single flexible glove. The HyFlex 11-926 features two innovative Ansell technologies: RIPEL™ Liquid Repellence Technology and Ansell GRIP™ Technology. The former prevents oil or lubricants from making even incidental contact with the wearer's skin, reducing the risk of skin irritation for improved hand health, while the latter is a patented grip feature that wicks away oil and moisture from the surface of the glove, ensuring safer handling and secure grip. The result is an innovative combination of flexibility, grip, and comfort that gives users the ability to do their jobs safely and productively, while minimizing risk of irritation and discomfort.

Since its inception in 1996, the HyFlex brand has become the world’s best-selling precision assembly glove with millions of pairs sold. HyFlex empowers workers to do their job more effectively, comfortably, and safely every day. While HyFlex maintains its goal of providing an ideal balance of protection, comfort, and performance for workers, it continues to innovate through research to meet industry needs.

“When we speak to workers in light oily environments about their needs, they consistently talk about discomfort with existing options and are seeking optimal control where oil is present,” said Scott Corriveau, President and General Manager, Ansell Industrial Solutions Global Business Unit. “We know that comfort and protection is vital for a safe, effective workplace and responding to workers’ needs is central to our research and innovation.”

Ansell HyFlex 11-926 gloves are available in six sizes and are ideal for a number of industries, including automotive and auto OEM, electrical machinery, metal fabrication, power tools, and transportation equipment.

The continued evolution of the HyFlex product line reflects ongoing global research among safety officers, operations managers, purchasing agents and workers through Ansell’s Worker Experience Innovation program. This process transforms global insights about unmet user needs into technology-based solutions that enhance worker comfort, performance and protection. HyFlex is also part of the Ansell Guardian® program, which offers a customized approach to effectively meeting a company’s safety needs and managing the associated investment in personal protective equipment.

For more information on HyFlex 11-926 or other products from the HyFlex glove line, go to For more information on Ansell, call 800.800.0444 in the U.S. or visit,,, or Worker Experience Innovation by Ansell on LinkedIn. In Canada, contact Ansell Customer Service at 800.363.8340.