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Ansell Ltd. November 04, 2013


4 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium – Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, is launching a range of injection-molded, high-visibility gloves for the construction industry at the Batimat trade fair, which opens in Paris on 4 November 2013. In the spotlight at Ansell booth 7 N27 is the exclusive ActivArmr® 97- 321 hi-viz, an extremely durable, heavy-duty glove made with the Ansell ActivArmr® Madgrip Injection Technology™. This innovative approach merges a grip coating onto a single seamless knitted liner. The result is excellent impact protection, grip and durability, while offering improved comfort and dexterity over standard cut and sew gloves. With a vivid orange color to maximize visibility in dark or low-light conditions, the gloves are ideal for heavy construction, mechanical services and maintenance.

Serious impact resistance

About half of construction industry workers wear leather gloves, often falsely believing that bulk will protect their hands from impact and crushing by bricks, tools or building materials. The new ActivArmr® 97-321 glove was designed to provide padded protection in critical areas of the hand and knuckles: its impact resistance was tested to be higher than that of leather gloves, and confirmed a significantly reduced force of impact transmitted to the hand. This unique injection molding technique allows for more elastic material to be used on the padded parts, resulting in better impact protection from crushed fingers and bruising compared to comparable gloves.

Superior grip and abrasion resistance

The surface grip of ActivArmr Madgrip Injection Technology is abrasion-resistant and durable. The superior grip attributes increase productivity and helps prevent injuries that can occur from the slippage of tools, etc. Outstanding results in dry grip and abrasion were obtained for the ActivArmr® construction gloves in competitor benchmark testing. ActivArmr® 97-300, 310 and 321 proved at least three times more durable than leather gloves.

The advantages of seamless

Other gloves typically provide impact protection by stitching or gluing protective padding onto “cut and sew” gloves. Thick, stitched seams inside classic gloves can be a source of chafing and blisters; they also create weak points in the gloves’ construction. Seamless liners provide a snugger fit, better tactility (in particular for the fingers), an even grasp on objects and less hand fatigue.

“Only injection molding can produce a glove combining such grip, abrasion resistance and impact protection in a seamless glove,” says Peter Dobbelsteijn, Senior Vice President and Regional Director for the Ansell EMEA region. He adds: “With this technology we will advance worker protection with a new generation of protective products.” Ansell has exclusive rights to develop the ActivArmr® Madgrip Injection Technology (outside North America), since a long-term partnership was concluded earlier this year with Mad Grip Holdings LLC, an affiliate of Gordini USA Inc.

An ActivArmr for each trade

This new Ansell ActivArmr® range provides premium specialized mechanical protection solutions and complements the Ansell range dedicated to tradesmen, with specific gloves for electricians, brick-layers, carpenters and more. Alongside the ActivArmr® 97-321, the breathable 97-300 1/2 dipped glove is intended for masonry, carpentry and other abrasive handling in outdoor work. In addition, the 97-310 series offers back-of hand protection.

New hi-visibility glove range

Many visibility-related fatalities are caused by poor lighting conditions in twilight and during night shifts--one reason the construction and oil and gas industries adopt high-visibility apparel. Extending this visibility to workers’ hands can make a crucial difference in being seen. Ansell champions high-visibility hand protection, as it can enhance worker safety on the jobsite and further mitigate the risk of accidents.

The new Ansell ActivArmr® hi-visibility construction gloves come in a breathable 15-gauge general purpose light duty hi-viz version (97-012), a medium duty version (97-013) featuring excellent dexterity, cut resistance to EN 388 level 3 and an added retro-reflective safety element, as well as an impermeable ¾ dipped winter glove (97-011). Each features superior wet and dry grip and high-visibility colors on the back of the hand and palm side which increase safety over traditional high-viz glove liners.

Small purchases, small packs

Determined to keep glove selection simple for individual building and construction contractors (the majority of which are self-employed), Ansell has developed an online glove selection tool to easily view, compare and select from the full range of Ansell “Made for Construction” gloves. To help trade merchants better cater to small purchase volumes, Ansell makes the ActivArmr® MadGrip Injection Technology range in both bulk and pair packs. The new Ansell on-line catalogue is available on the Ansell website



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