InTouch™ Issue 12: Part 2 – COVID-19 Protection for Healthcare Workers

Reviews the impact the SARS-CoV-2 virus has had on the global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demand and supply. Explores peak body recommendations for PPE availability and preservation. Examines PPE recommendations for standard and extra transmission-based precautions, and optimal PPE donning and doffing steps. The In-Service Brief provides important tips for PPE use.


InTouch™ Issue 12: Part 1 – COVID-19 A Global Pandemic

Provides timeline of World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 Responses. Reviews steps put in place to reduce the global and local spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Examines current available testing for COVID-19. Provides typical COVID-19 symptoms and recent studies exploring these symptoms in predicting the severity of the disease.


InTouch™ Issue 8 – Glove Change – When and Why?

Discusses surgical site infections (SSI) and how surgical gloves contribute. Summarizes current thinking about surgical glove integrity, recommendations in practice standards that guide perioperative care and innovation in medical glove manufacturing including the role of antimicrobial gloves in reducing SSI risk.


InTouch™ Issue 4 – Why Quality Gloves Matter

Reviews infection risk related to improper glove use and failure, explains global and national standards for quality manufacturing and describes assessment of glove quality. Includes views from clinical experts regarding glove selection and the importance of glove quality across multiple settings.


InTouch™ Issue 3 – Type I and Type IV Allergies

Presents the various types of contact dermatitis, latex allergy and immune responses. Describes the contributing role of glove formulation, hand hygiene solution and techniques. A panel of clinical experts review assessment and procedures for elimination of potential causes.


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