Since chemical landscape is constantly changing, managing chemical hazards can be extremely difficult, AnsellGUARDIAN® Partner can help.

How to manage chemical hazards?

The chemical industry is comprised of companies that produce industrial chemicals by converting raw materials into different products. It contributes $5.7 trillion (7%) to the world’s GDP. There are over 159 million chemicals registered with CAS Registry, and approximately 10,000 new chemicals are added every day.

The chemical landscape is constantly changing, and new chemical combinations can affect toxicity, permeation, and a variety of other factors that may alter the effectiveness of personal protective equipment (PPE). There are 120 million workers in the chemical industry, and many of them are exposed to significant hazards every day.

It’s critical to understand the complexities of new chemicals, chemical reactions, and new chemical combinations to ensure safety in chemical manufacturing so that workers can be equipped with the most appropriate hand and body protection.

AnsellGUARDIAN® Partner is an expert service that can help you identify chemical hazards in your workspace and provide education on how you can equip your staff with the correct PPE to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals. Our AlphaTec® product range offers industry-leading chemical protection for many industries and applications.

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