Vibration injuries often occur from using hand-held powered equipment and can prevented by wearing PPE or taking frequent breaks.

How to prevent vibration injuries?

Vibration injuries in the workplace are generally classified as hand-arm vibration transmitted by hand-held powered equipment like chainsaws, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers. Prolonged exposure can lead to damage to the hand and arm muscles (hand-arm vibration syndrome). The main concerns of vibration injuries in the workplace are the magnitude of vibration transmitted and the duration of exposure.

Wearing the proper PPE can help with vibration injuries

Ansell offers several products with gel padding and other technologies specifically engineered to reduce the amount of vibration that is felt by a user. Ansell offers half-finger gloves to help improve the handling of screws, nails, and small parts, as well as full finger gloves that are fully coated to keep hands clean.

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Other than wearing proper PPE, there are other methods for reducing vibration injuries, such as taking small breaks from vibrating tools during the day. If possible, have an employee take 10-minute breaks between using a vibrating tool every hour and have an employee alternately work between a vibrating and non-vibrating tool throughout the day.

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