Ansell is constantly innovating new products and overtime Ansell discontinues products that are no longer competitive in the marketplace.

I can’t find a product you used to sell on your website, does that mean you have discontinued it?



Please reach out to Customer Service via phone 1-800-800-0444 or email and we will help you with a recommended alternative.

Ansell offers a variety of multi-hazard protection solutions for a variety of industries. Whether you are looking for mechanical, chemical, impact or disposable protection, if there is a product that is no longer available, we are likely to have a solution that can meet your needs.


Mechanical Solutions

Ansell’s mechanical division manufactures and markets high performance, multiuse protection solutions hand and arm safety solutions.

Our mechanical solutions can be used in a variety of applications. We have gloves that provide oil and cut resistance in addition to gloves with varying degrees of protection, dexterity and grip. We also offer specialized protection for impact, welding, and electrical rubber insulated gloves.


Impact gloves are a type of personal protection equipment (PPE) designed to prevent the occurrence of hand injuries in occupations where high impact is a risk.

Typically, great for use in the oil and gas industry, mining, or manufacturing because impact-resistant gloves are essential to the safety of the work environment. Many industrial work environments are unpredictable and certain occupations often result in serious hand injuries which can become costly. Impact gloves are an essential investment to reduce injuries and ensure worker safety and comfort. RINGERS® impact gloves from Ansell provide hand protection against occupational impact hazards in a variety of ways. The RINGERS® signature impact protection system uses thermoplastic rubber, called TPR, which disperses impact energy, reducing the force of impact and impact injuries on fragile bones. Each thermoplastic rubber TPR glove is fine-tuned to maintain dexterity, flexibility, and comfort, without compromising protection from impact hazards.

Chemical Hand & Body

Our chemical products keep workers protected against chemical exposures or risks.

Our AlphaTec® products offer hand and body protection that can reduce contamination from sprays, splash, immersion, inhalation or absorption. Workers around the world rely on Ansell products to protect them. That’s what our chemical team proactively streamlines the process for specifying and selecting chemical protective equipment. Additionally, our proprietary AnsellGUARDIAN® Partner assessment can provide workers with an optimal safety solution by helping them become equipped with the appropriate chemical PPE. For over 45 years Ansell has been providing safety assessment tailored to each company. With our guidance we can provide companies with improved safety and compliance that can help reduce injury, costs and increase worker productivity.



Ansell's disposable protection solutions provide protection for a variety of workplace hazards.

Our MICROFLEX® brand of disposable hand protection has kept workers safe in applications including warehousing, automotive, healthcare and first responders. The vast MICROFLEX® portfolio is known for its reliable quality, superior performance and cutting-edge innovation.

TouchNTuff® disposable gloves have offered resilient and reliable protection for over 20 years in the chemical handling, research and pharmaceutical industries. TouchNTuff® implements many of our proprietary design technologies that enhance worker safety and promote overall health.

The extensive range of BioClean™ cleanroom consumables include sterile disposable gloves, single-use goggles, disposable garments and more. These products are trusted and used around the world offering products and personal protection.

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