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Ansell Ltd. April 15, 2024

Ansell Share Purchase Plan open

15 April 2024 – Ansell Limited (ASX:ANN, Ansell or the Company) announced on Monday, 8 April 2024 a non- underwritten share purchase plan (SPP), targeting to raise up to A$65 million1. The SPP follows Ansell's successfully completed A$400 million (US$2632 million equivalent) fully underwritten institutional placement to eligible institutional investors (Placement).

The proceeds of the Placement will be used to partially fund the acquisition of 100% of the assets that constitute Kimberly-Clark’s Personal Protective Equipment business from Kimberly-Clark Corporation for US$6403 million. The proceeds of the SPP will be used to reduce leverage.

The SPP is now open to eligible Ansell shareholders, being:

  • shareholders who hold Ansell shares (in their personal capacity) and have a registered address in either Australia or New Zealand as noted on the Ansell register as at 7.00pm (AEDT) on the Record Date (being Friday, 5 April 2024); and
  • shareholders who are custodians or nominees that hold Ansell shares on behalf of a person mentioned directly above, provided that the custodian or nominee (as applicable) is not in the United States and is not acting for the account or benefit of a person in the United States.

(together, Eligible Shareholders), to apply for up to A$30,000 of new fully paid ordinary shares (SPP Shares) free of any brokerage, commission or transaction costs.

The SPP will be priced at the lower of the Placement price of A$22.45 and a 2.0 per cent discount to the five-day VWAP of Ansell shares up to, and including, the closing date of the SPP, which is currently scheduled for Monday, 6 May 2024.

Participation in the SPP is optional. SPP Shares will rank equally with existing Ansell shares from their date of issue.

SPP Booklet

Full details of the SPP will be set out in the SPP booklet, which is being sent to Eligible Shareholders today. Eligible Shareholders who have elected to receive electronic communications will receive details of how to obtain a copy of the SPP booklet and their personalised acceptance form via email. All other Eligible Shareholders will receive a letter via post with instructions on how to access a copy of the SPP booklet and their personalised acceptance form.

Eligible Shareholders are encouraged to read the SPP booklet carefully, and if in any doubt about whether or not to accept the SPP offer, to consult with a financial or other professional adviser.

To apply for SPP Shares, Eligible Shareholders must, by 5.00pm (AEST) on Monday, 6 May 2024, make a payment directly via BPAY® in accordance with the instructions on their personalised application form. Eligible Shareholders with a registered address in New Zealand who are unable to pay by BPAY may pay for SPP Shares by making an electronic funds transfer in accordance with the instructions on their personalised application form.

Personalised application forms can also be accessed by Eligible Shareholders via

Enquiries and further information

If you have any questions in relation to the SPP Offer, please call the Offer Information Line on:
1300 850 505 (within Australia)
+61 3 9415 4000 (outside of Australia)
Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm (AEST)

Key Dates for the SPP

Description Date

Record date for SPP

7.00pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time), Friday, 5 April 2024

SPP offer opens and SPP booklet is dispatched

Monday, 15 April 2024

SPP offer closing date

5.00pm, Monday, 6 May 2024

Issue of New Shares under the SPP

Monday, 13 May 2024

Commencement of trading of New Shares issued under the SPP

Tuesday, 14 May 2024

Despatch of holding statements in respect of New Shares issued under the SPP

Wednesday, 15 May 2024

The above timetable is indicative only and subject to change. The commencement of trading and quotation of New Shares issued under the SPP is subject to confirmation from ASX. Subject to the requirements of the Corporations Act, the ASX Listing Rules and other applicable rules, Ansell reserves the right to amend this timetable at any time, including extending the period for the SPP or accepting late applications, either generally or in particular cases, without notice. All references to times above are to Australian Eastern Standard Time, except in relation to the Record date for the SPP, which is to Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

Important notice and disclaimer
This announcement should be read subject to the disclaimer contained in the investor presentation released to the ASX on Monday, 8 April 2024 (Investor Presentation), such that references in the disclaimer to "this Presentation" were references to this announcement. This announcement is not financial product, investment or other advice. Nothing in this announcement constitutes a recommendation to acquire the New Shares or to participate in the SPP. The Company is not licensed to provide financial advice in relation to the acquisition of securities. This announcement does not contain all the information that investors and their professional advisers may require to make an investment decision in relation to the Company, the Placement or the SPP, and should be read in conjunction with Ansell's other periodic and continuous disclosure announcements (including the Investor Presentation) available at: This announcement does not account for the investment objectives, financial circumstances or other particular needs of investors. Investors should seek any independent professional advice they may require in relation to this announcement.

This announcement includes certain "forward-looking statements" such as indications of, and guidance on, future events, future earnings and the future financial performance and financial position of Ansell. Forward- looking statements can generally be identified by the use of forward-looking words such as "expect", "anticipate", "likely", "intend", "should", "could", "may", "predict", "plan", "propose", "will", "believe", "forecast", "projection", "estimate", "target", "outlook", "guidance" or other similar expressions and include statements regarding the timing and/or outcome of the Placement, the SPP, Ansell's strategies, plans and future operational and financial performance, including in relation to the Acquisition. Any forward-looking statements included in this announcement involve subjective judgment and analysis and are subject to significant uncertainties, risks and contingencies and other factors, including the risks described in the "Key Risks" section of Investor Presentation, many of which are outside the control of, and are unknown to, Ansell and its officers, employees, agents or associates and may involve significant elements of subjective judgement and assumptions as to future events which may or may not be correct.

Forward-looking statements, including projections, guidance on future earnings and estimates are provided as a general guide only and should not be relied upon as an indication, prediction or guarantee of future performance. No representation, warranty or assurance (express or implied) is given or made in relation to any forward-looking statement by any person (including Ansell). In particular, no representation, warranty or assurance (express or implied) is given that the occurrence of the events expressed or implied in any forward-looking statements in this announcement will actually occur. Actual results, performance or achievement may vary materially from any projections and forward-looking statements and the assumptions on which those statements are based. The forward-looking statements are based on information available to Ansell as at the date of this announcement.

Except as required by law or regulation (including the ASX Listing Rules), Ansell undertakes no obligation to provide any additional or updated information whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise. Indications of, and guidance or outlook on, future earnings or financial position or performance are also forward-looking statements.

Not an offer in the United States
This announcement has been prepared for publication in Australia and may not be released or distributed in the United States. This announcement does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, securities in the United States or any other jurisdiction. Any securities described in this announcement have not been, and will not be, registered under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the US Securities Act), or under the securities laws of any state or other jurisdiction of the United States and may not be offered or sold in the United States except in transactions exempt from, or not subject to, the registration requirements of the US Securities Act and applicable US state securities laws.

1. Ansell will have the ability to accept more or less than the target SPP size in its absolute discretion.
2. Converted to USD at AUD/USD of 0.6567.
3. Acquisition price on a cash-free, debt-free basis, subject to completion adjustments including movements in working capital.


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