Exam gloves

Dedication to Innovations

MICROFLEX XCEED XC-310 Primary Healthcare Application - Opening Package

Ergonomic Design

Uniquely engineered using exclusive formers that create a custom-fit and superior comfort. Proven to minimize repetitive-motion stress and hand-muscle fatigue. Helping you to avoid pain and injury.

MICROFLEX UltraForm UF-524 Primary Healthcare Application - Doctor Examining Hand

Grip and Sensitivity

Innovative formulations that are softer and thinner increase tactility, sensitivity, and dexterity. Improved grip in both wet and dry conditions helps you work efficiently and with more precision.

MICROFLEX NeoSoft 73-837 Dental Application - One Gloved Hand

Hand Health

Ongoing technological advances ensure you will find a hand-protection solution that meets your needs: low-allergen, powder-free latex, accelerator-free synthetics, skin-moisturizing coatings, and more.

MICROFLEX Supreno EC Primary Healthcare Application - Inserting Needle

Barrier Protection

Breakthrough glove materials are lighter and thinner, yet meet the most stringent quality benchmarks, so you can be confident that you are protecting your patients and yourself.

Clinical Evidence