AlphaTec® 56-402

Neoprene Aprons

Key Features and Benefits

  • 16-17 mil sewn-edge neoprene: Resists chemicals, oils, punctures, and abrasion
  • Nylon reinforcement: For a superb balance of comfort and personal protection
  • Sealed grommets and two-piece 48-inch poly ties: Adjustable, consistent fit


  • Specialized protection: The AlphaTec® 56-402 protective apron is made with 16-17 mil neoprene, with a sewn edge finish, blending durability and flexibility and resisting chemical splashes, oils, grease, punctures, and abrasion
  • Enhanced defenses: With nylon reinforcement, this neoprene apron delivers added protection and tear resistance, for enhanced personal protection
  • Optimized fit: Thanks to its sealed grommets and two-piece 48-inch poly ties, this durable apron also ensures a comfortable, adjustable fit, free from potential tear-outs, for a more consistent wearer experience

Recommended For

  • Packing of fillets and ground meat
  • Canning
  • Bottling
  • Storing and transportation
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Plant disinfection and sanitization
  • Transferring liquids

Primary industries

  • Food Processing
  • Life Sciences

Product details

  • PRODUCT MATERIAL Vinyl PVC and Nylon
  • AVAILABLE SIZES 35" x 45"
  • THICKNESS 17 mil
  • SILICONE FREE Not Tested


  • 12 aprons/case

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