SANDEL® ProForm™ Supine Head Positioner

Memory foam head positioner with anatomical design for improved pressure relief

Key Features and Benefits
  • Improved pressure relief compared to traditional foam positioners
  • Support under the neck provides neutral neck alignment and redistributes pressure
  • Made of memory foam to redistribute weight and pressure
  • Disposable to prevent risk of cross-contamination


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Patient Positioners

ProForm™ patient positioners are specifically designed to redistribute weight and pressure, helping reduce the risk of pressure injuries in the O.R.1 

The ProForm supine head positioner is made of memory foam, which is shown to offer excellent pressure distribution properties.

  • Shown to reduce pressure by 29% compared to a traditional foam head ring and by 26% compared to a traditional foam head cradle2
  • Support under the neck helps achieve neutral alignment
  • Memory foam construction redistributes weight and pressure
  • Disposable to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Bright orange color makes product highly recognizable in the operating room


*Redistributing weight is a known method for reducing pressure from bony prominences. Overall pressure reduction is known to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Test data indicates that overall pressure of ProForm products are lower than that of traditional foam positioning products. Data on file.

2Data on file, external testing completed by Vascocare Medical Ltd., 2016.


Item Number Product name Product description Packaging Case qty
4120 ProForm™ Supine Head Positioner Supine Head Positioner - Memory Foam 36/case 36