AlphaTec® SUPER Type T

Previously known as: TRELLCHEM® SUPER Type T

Comfortable, flexible, durable chemical barrier, Type 1 / Level B protection

Key Features and Benefits

  • Anti-static butyl rubber with a Viton™: Superb chemical resistance
  • Non-encapsulating design: Ideal for work in enclosed spaces
  • Blend of materials: Optimal comfort, durability and flexibility

Standards and certifications

EN 943-1:2015 + A1:2019
CE Number 0598
EN 1073-2:2002
EN 14126:2003
EN 1149-5:2008


  • Specialized protection: The AlphaTec® SUPER Type T full-chemical protection suit is designed with antistatic butyl rubber and Viton™ top coating to ensure superior resistance against wide range of chemicals, such as alkalis, strong acids, petrochemicals, chlorinated solvents, aromatics and oils
  • Advanced ergonomics: This protective suit features a non-encapsulating design with a face seal and without hump (type T) breathing apparatus that is worn outside the suit, thus making ideal for enclosed working conditions
  • Elevated comfort: Delivering strength and durability while maintaining softness and flexibility, this chemical protective suit is made with Butyl rubber and Viton™ rubber coated on polyamide fabric to increase comfort

Design features

Non-encapsulating design with face seal and without hump (type T), breathing apparatus worn outside the suit.

Recommended For

  • Maintenance of plant and machines
  • Plant Emergencies
  • Accidental release of toxic gases
  • Biohazard response
  • Unexpected leakages spills or other releases
  • Tank Cleaning
  • CBRN Emergencies
  • Chemical leaks
  • Emergency Response
  • Hazmat response
  • Shipping

Primary industries

  • Food Processing
  • Life Sciences
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Shipping

Product details

  • COLOR Yellow
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL Outer: Butyl rubber and a top layer of Viton rubber coated on polyamide fabric Inner: Butyl rubber
  • SEAM TYPE Stitched and sealed with a glued-on tape on both inside and outside
  • SHELF LIFE 10 años
  • STANDARDS OVERVIEW <ul> <li>EN 943-1:2015 + A1:2019</li> <li>EN 943-2:2019</li> <li>EN 1073-2:2002 (radioactive particle protection)</li> <li>EN 14126:2003 (infective agent protection)</li> <li>EN 1149-5:2008 (antistatic suit material)</li> <li>Approved for use in ATEX zones 0, 1, 2/20, 21, 22 and chemical group IIA, IIB, IIC</li> <li>SOLAS</li> </ul>
  • VISOR AND FACE SEAL Anatomically designed rubber face seal.
  • VENTILATION • A ventilation system is included as standard. For the safety of the wearer, it provides a constant level of overpressure inside the suit • The AlphaTec&#174; Regulating valve has 3 ventilation rates (2, 30 and 100 l/min) plus zero/off position • CEJN 221 male coupling for connection to the SCBA (requires separate connection hose) • One AlphaTec&#174; Exhaust valve on the chest.
  • ZIPPER AlphaTec&#174; HCR zipper, which includes a barrier film for increased chemical resistance. The zipper is closing downwards, for added safety, and is protected by a flap/splash guard.
  • GLOVES AND ATTACHMENTS AlphaTec&#174; 38-628 Viton/Butyl rubber gloves in combination with rubber cuffs for added safety. Other glove options are available. The gloves are attached with the AlphaTec&#174; Bayonet glove ring system, which offers quick and simple glove exchange.
  • FOOTWEAR AND ATTACHMENTS Sewn-in sock/booties made of the suit material. Alternatively attached black nitrile rubber safety boots with European approval as Firemen’s boots. The boots are fixed with an ergonomically designed ring attachment, for simplified boot exchange.
  • INCLUDED WITH EACH DELIVERY • 1 pce AlphaTec&#174; Mini Hood for protection against inward leakage between mask and face seal, in case of jet spray from behind • 1 pair of comfort inner gloves • 2 pcs extra locking pins for the Bayonet glove ring system • 1 pce Molycote lubrication for the O-rings in the Bayonet glove ring system • 1 pce grease stick for lubrication of the zipper • 1 pair of comfort silicone oversocks (only for suits with sewn-in socks) • 1 pce coat hanger • 1 pce AlphaTec&#174; Storage bag
  • OPTIONAL FEATURES AND ACCESSORIES • Waist belt, internal, • D-ring for holding small measuring instruments &amp; tools, • Customized marking, e.g. digits, letters, logos, • AlphaTec&#174; 58-800 Overglove for improved cut &amp; puncture resistance, • AlphaTec&#174; SCBA Cover, • Other accessories are available upon request
  • WEIGHT Approx. 5.0 kg/11 lbs for a suit size L with sewn-in socks. Attached boots add approx. 2 kg/4.5 lbs.


Individually Packed

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